Puzzel Agent Application SSO towards Azure

A seamless SSO login process into Puzzel Agent Application can be achieved if your organization is using Microsoft Azure. Puzzel has established a tight integration into Microsoft Azure which allows companies to utilize the Azure authentication process to login into the Puzzel Agent Application.


This document describes the steps of configuring different properties within the admin portal to allow SSO using Azure login credentials. There are three steps as listed below to provide a coherent login process to your organization.

  • Admin portal configurations
  • Logging on to the Puzzel Agent Application

Admin portal configuration

You need to perform the following configurations in the Admin portal to create a seamless SSO into the Agent application:

  1. List Azure as an external authentication provider under Users->Products->Sign in to Puzzel-> List of external authentication providers: Azure|Azure    Format: connection|provider;connection|provider.
    If you wish to be logged out from Azure AD, when you are signing out from the agent application set the property Log user off from external Identity Provider to on. You will then be redirected to Azure AD for logging out.
  2. Add the Azure credentials as an external id under Users -> Users- > (username). Search for the user you want to add the Azure credentials to and select the username. Click on  +  icon against External user ID, select Azure from the drop-down menu and enter the Azure login details. Click on Add ID.
  3. Save the changes

Logging on to the Puzzel Agent Application

The users whose Azure credentials have been registered in the admin portal as an External user ID can now SSO into Agent Application using the new URL https://agent.puzzel.com?connection=azure.

You will then be presented with the Microsoft sign-in window. Choose the Azure credentials saved as the external ID in admin portal to login. You will automatically be logged in into the Puzzel Agent Application without having to enter the customer ID, username, and password.


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