The Puzzel platform is constantly being improved regarding functionality and stability. Our servers are protected behind clustered firewalls, and all configurations are stored on Puzzel’s platform. Users are authorized to access certain features when applying the correct username and password. Different features will be revealed depending on how the user login on is configured.

The Puzzel web servers and trigger-servers are in the DMZ-segment of Puzzel’s network.

Both the agent application and administration portal only allow traffic (both outbound and inbound) on port 443 (https) to access Puzzel’s servers. Our customer must allow https to point towards the Puzzel sub network(s).

The Puzzel platform (where a customer’s service information is located) is placed on a different network, separated from DMZ. The segment where the Puzzel platform is located does not allow any direct traffic from Internet. Only certain ports between DMZ and the Puzzel platform are permitted through the firewall.

All servers on the Puzzel platform have the latest anti-virus software installed. The servers are frequently being upgraded with the latest security-patches. An extensive backup-routine is also implemented for additional security.

You can read more about Puzzel and our platform security on our trust centre web site found at


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