Puzzel ID Organisation Settings

The Organisation Settings allow administrators to:

  • Manage the user identities of their workforce
  • Configure Single Sign On
  • Configure OIDC Clients for their organisation
  • Search and view your organisation's access log

To access the Organisation Settings, you will need to:

1.     Access the Puzzel application

2.     Click on the profile icon to the right side of the top bar

3.     Select Organisation Settings from the drop down menu


This will redirect you to the following page:


1.     User management: this space allows you to manage your workforce’s identities, including names, e-mails, roles as well as review Puzzel ID and two-factor authentication settings.

2.     Single Sign-On: from this space you can review whether Single Sign-On is enabled, the display name, type and tenant as well as add and edit the relevant SSO settings.

3.     OIDC Clients: here you can create and manage OpenID Connect (OIDC) clients to access Puzzel API's.

4.     Access Log: here you can view your organisation’s access log including the status, details, timestamp, IP address and more.

Click “Configure” on any of the four options to be redirected to the relevant areas.


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