Puzzel QA

Puzzel Quality Assurance helps QA teams deliver quality assurance that has a positive impact on agents’ performance so that they can exceed customers’ expectations.

Receive the interactions to review automatically in your inbox, quickly identity which agents need support and which skills they need to improve.

Empower agents to improve their performance by enabling them to understand their score, feedback on evaluation and receive a coaching programme tailored to their needs 


For customer service organisations to achieve high customer satisfaction across interactions, agents should be able to provide customers with clear and quick solutions. Quality Assurance plays a key role in ensuring agents have the tools needed to help customers solve their problems – at all times.  

When Quality Assurance is fragmented, it becomes inefficient. Manually searching for and selecting customer interactions takes a lot of time while being subject to bias.  

Clunky workflows lead users to jump from one platform to the next. Similarly, Performance Management and QA data are stored in different systems, creating obstacles in seeing how feedback is acted on by agents.  

Consolidating data from different sources results in QA reports that take time and are therefore often outdated. Customer service performance and low team engagement are more challenging to control without real-time data.  

Agents lack clarity on what skills to improve, as well as key tools in tracking their progress, leading to businesses often overlooking good results. As a result, there is a lack of control over customer service performance as senior leaderships teams don’t have the clarity and real-time data needed. 

These factors can lead to low customer satisfaction with no root-cause analysis. High agent turnover also comes as a result of increased frustration and compliance issues surface when only 3-5% of interactions are checked, exposing businesses to various risks. Lastly, there is a lack of insight into effectiveness of feedback and coaching. 

Puzzel QA helps QA teams deliver quality assurance with a positive impact on agents’ performance. 
  • Save time in manual searching by receiving interactions to review automatically in your inbox. 

  • Identify and visualise on a dashboard the key information about agents’ training and upskilling to understand impact in real-time and in one place 

  • Manage Quality Assurance together with feedback and coaching from one platform, for streamlined workflows that allow you to quickly address areas of underperformance, or praise agents that go above and beyond.  

  • Engage agents with the QA process by enabling them to understand their score, feedback and offering a coaching programme tailored to their needs.  

Identify the interactions that matter:  

Unify customer feedback, performance data and text analytics to quickly identify conversations that require your attention.  

  • Save time by building work queue templates to automatically assign a list of customer conversations to evaluate to quality team members.  
  • Increase agent trust thanks to a system that randomly assigns customer interactions to evaluate rather than being manually picked.  
  • Improve performance with evaluators spending less time organising work and more time driving results through coaching conversations.  

· Empower your agents to exceed customers’ expectations:  

  • Build flexible, multi-channel scorecards to clearly identify areas of improvements  
  • Review and playback multi-channel interactions in one place  
  • Configure and send real-time alerts and feedback to agents  
  • Schedule, manage, record and track 1:1 meetings and actions  

· Uncover opportunities to improve customer satisfaction:  

  • View quality and performance data on a single dashboard  
  • Quickly filter and view all agents’ performance  
  • Access reports designed to help agents and team leaders to identify areas of improvements 
The results? 

Increased QA productivity by 285%, with 10x more feedback delivered and customer satisfaction score increases of 6%! 


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