Puzzel Digital Engagement

Puzzel Digital Engagement is a solution that focuses on improving ways in which customers interact with your business across all digital touchpoints. You can track the online activity of customers and offer them help, proactively when they need it, offering the most efficient channel for the conversation. Using our rule engine, you can create triggers (rules)  based on the data from events or navigations and engage with your customers to offer support or help them make buying decisions.  Puzzel Digital Engagement helps you,

  • capture their behavioural data that helps identify intention and segment the users who are ready to buy by providing proactive assistance
  • turn unknown visitors into customers by understanding their needs
  • Offer help and support

You can offer different types of engagement based on what the customer is looking for.  Some of the use cases are as explained below:

Channel management

This is essentially a process of directing your customers to a channel where they can get the assistance they need. By understanding the nature of their query, you can decide what channel would be best for the interaction and guide them to it.

Automize repetitive tasks

By engaging bot to perform repetitive and mundane tasks, you can create opportunity for your agents to focus on more complex stuff that needs human effort. In the events where bot is unable to resolve an issue, it can be escalated to a human agent with a full interaction history including customer details, topic of discussion and context. This gives the agent a head start and can get straight to resolving the issue.

Proactive support

Offering proactive support to customers who are struggling to find their way on your website is a great way to engage. Users often find themselves lost or get frustrated performing a task and decide to abandon it, for example, lack of understanding of a field while filling a loan application. You can then popup a chat window to offer help or ask questions to understand the concern in greater detail.

You can also identify customers having problems with completing a purchase and offer help to boost sales.


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