Puzzel Sales Intelligence

Puzzel Sales Intelligence is designed to improve the agent and customer experience, for sales teams that proactively reach out to customers, through smart tools that increase efficiency, and real-time insights.  

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Agents must deal with a host of sales admin tasks, including: 

  • Dialling 
  • Looking for customer info 
  • Taking time to sync with other teams to book in meetings 

These repetitive and uninteresting tasks take a toll on the agent experience. Agents are increasingly frustrated and stressed operating in clunky and manual workflows, leading to decreased productivity and more employee churn. 

This also impacts the customer experience, as customers reach stressed and frustrated agents that struggle to personalise the experience and focus on the customer’s needs. 

Research shows that 66% of customers are left feeling like a number1. Creating meaningful and positive interactions is key to increasing sales, as abundant choice of products and services makes it very easy to find more personable brands. 

Puzzel Sales Intelligence frees up agent time, so they can focus on what really matters – customer interactions.  

Agents are automatically connected to customers on the phone, through a range of automated dialler modes that address varying business needs. 

A smart booking system allows agents to automatically book time in their colleagues’ calendars, without many internal back and forths. 

Agents can send surveys and collect results from one platform. 

Customer information related to previous interactions and the CRM data can all be viewed in one user interface. 

Agents can write notes about the call in real-time or after it, so that the data is kept in the system. With a CRM integration the update can be done in real-time so contextual information is centralised in your business’ key systems.  

Agents’ time is freed through automation that makes key information available to them instantly, workflows become more efficient, and the agent experience improves greatly. Puzzel Sales Intelligence empowers your agents to focus on the interactions that bring real value: those with their customers.   


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