How to delete requests in queue

Through the Administration Portal, it is possible to delete callbacks or written requests from a queue. This can only be done by administrators and if access is required; this needs to be requested by submitting a ticket on by an approved requester.

To delete a request in the Admin portal, go to and then navigate to Real-time -> Queue Overview. Then enter the queue that has a callback or an email/chat request that should be deleted.

Enter the queue by clicking the number below Total in Queue. Check the box to the right of the request that should be deleted and finish with the Delete button.

Same with an email request:

You might experience error messages when trying to delete requests that are first in queue. This is most probably because the request is already being allocated to an agent and can therefore not be deleted. When the allocation is released, the request can be deleted.

Another error message can appear if the request is allocated and accepted by an agent at the same time as you are trying to delete the request.

Live requests such as callers in queue that have not ordered callback, can not be deleted.


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