Puzzel ID Top Bar

When a user has logged in to a Puzzel application with their Puzzel ID, the following bar will be displayed at the top of the page:

  1. This button is used to toggle between Puzzel products.

  1. The profile icon enables access to various menu items related to a user’s account management: 


  • View account: to view and edit basic details and configure security settings

  • Organisation settings: this space is where administrators can:

    • Manage the user identities of their workforce

    • Configure Single Sign-On

    • Configure OIDC Clients for their organisation

    • Search and view your organisation's access log

  • Help centre: for a quick and easy redirect to Puzzel Help

  • Sign out: this menu is where you’ll be able to sign out of your account

  1. This button is a handy feature allowing you to hide the Top Bar from view!


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