Multi Carrier Option (MCO)

Multi Carrier Option (MCO) provides Puzzel customers in the UK with alternative call routing, which can be invoked if there is an incident affecting our primary carrier.

Customers with MCO will be provided with secondary DDIs supplied by an alternative UK carrier.

Both the primary and secondary DDIs are configured to route to the same Puzzel call flows.

How to invoke MCO:

  1. If Puzzel supply your Non-Geographic Numbers (NGNs) then you should repoint your NGNs away from the primary DDIs to the secondary DDIs via the NGN portal provided.
  2. If Puzzel do not supply your NGNs, you will need send a request to your NGN provider to repoint the NGNs away from the primary DDIs to the secondary DDIs.
  3. If automatic failover has been configured on the NGNs (e.g. if the primary DDI emits a busy signal), then traffic will automatically re-route to the secondary DDI. Please note that automatic failover will not activate during incidents affecting degraded call quality.

MCO for Outbound/Callout requires switching the MCO - Outbound Routing Service Variable to Secondary Call Routing in the Puzzel Admin Portal.

MCO Network Diagram:


The availability target for the Puzzel Multi Carrier Option is 98.00%.


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