Table name: vw_enqreg_total

Contains/role: This is a view over the 3 enquiry registration tables (enqreg_header / enqreg_category / enqreg_topic). Links them together to simplify queries where you want to see/deal with all information (header/topic/category) related to each of the enquiry registrations.

Please note that an Enquiry registration done by an agent that does not contain a selected Topic, but only action 'Marked as unanswered'/Reschedule or only a Comment, will result in a record in enqreg_header but not a record in enqreg_category nor enqreg_topic, and therefore no record in vw_enqreg_total. 


Name Datatype Description


See enqreg_header.enqreg_header_recid
internal_session_id uniqueidentifier See enqreg_header.internal_session_id
customer_key varchar(100) See enqreg_header.customer_key
internal_country_src_db varchar(10) See enqreg_header.internal_country_src_db
dte_time_stamp datetime See enqreg_header.dte_time_stamp
agent_id int See enqreg_header.agent_id
queue_key varchar(255) See enqreg_header.queue_key
enquiry_media_type varchar(255) See enqreg_header.enquiry_media_type
related_iq_session_id uniqueidentifier See enqreg_header.related_iq_session_id
dte_updated datetime See enqreg_header.dte_updated
comment nvarchar(MAX)  
reschedule_time datetimeoffset  
enqreg_category_recid int See enqreg_category.enqreg_category_recid
category_id int See enqreg_category.category_id
category_name nvarchar(255) See enqreg_category.category_name
enqreg_topic_recid int See enqreg_topic.enqreg_topic_recid
topic_id int See enqreg_topic.topic_id
topic_name nvarchar(255) See enqreg_topic.topic_name
marked_unansw varchar(255) See enqreg_header.marked_unansw
reserved varchar(255) See enqreg_header.reserved


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