User Management in Organisation Settings

User Management is a section of Organisation Settings, where you can manage your workforce’s identities, including names, e-mails, roles as well as review Puzzel ID and two-factor authentication settings.

To access User Management, you will need to:

1. Access your account

2. Click on the profile icon to the right side of the top bar

3. Select Organisation Settings from the drop down menu


4. Click “Configure” under “User Management”

You will the be redirected to the following page:

(1) Click on the "Add" button to add a user

(2) The table under User Management shows the relevant information for users, including the first and last name, their associated Puzzel ID and whether they have two-factor authentication enabled on their account. 

(3) Click on the "Edit" button to be redirected to the "Basic Information" page for the specific user, and configure key information on their account. 

(4) Click the bin button to delete the user. 


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