Release notes for Raw data v2.3, March 18th to 22nd 2024

This article provides an overview of changes and additional features in the release of the new version of Puzzel Contact Centre Raw data

Puzzel plans to upgrade all customers' Raw data SQL databases to the new version during week 12 (March 18th - 22nd), 2024. 

We expect only a few minutes down-time per customer, and the new version is backwards compatible.

The new Raw data version (2.3) includes:

  • 3 new columns in table surveys, needed to give relevant extra information for the new Insight survey records that will appear. 
  • 1 new column in table agents, containing each PCC user’s Puzzel ID
  • a new table with name access_points, containing a descriptive name for your PCC access points/access numbers (if defined). 
  • a new table with name sent_msg, that will be populated only on request.
    The table will contain a record for each SMS and Email sent from the PCC agent application’s Contact tab or Request tab, if configured.
Please note that if your Puzzel Contact Centre agents can send such SMS and/or Emails from the agent application and you want such records to appear in table sent_msg, you would need to contact Puzzel support so that we can activate it for your Raw data SQL database.

Do you wonder if your Puzzel Contact Centre agents can send SMS/Emails from the Puzzel agent application?
The properties that control whether all, or some, agents can send SMS/Email can be found in the Admin Portal on page Users - Products in accordions SMS and Send email from agent application.

If, during week 12, you would like to confirm whether your database is updated or not, you can look for the new tables/new columns, or use this statement to see the db version:
   select  convert(varchar(255), value) from ::fn_listextendedproperty('DBVERSION', null, null, null, null, null, null)

The relevant detailed articles in the Raw data details section will be updated during week 11.


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