Table name: sent_msg (from db v2.3)

Contains/Role: Each time an SMS or Email is sent by an agent from the PCC agent application, a record is created for this table. Please note that this table is only populated if you have requested it, and that SMS sent and received during a "Two way SMS session" is not shown here. Ref release notes for Raw data v2.3

Column Name Datatype Description
rec_id int Primary key
type varchar(10) If value is 'sms', an sms was sent.
If value is 'emailsend', an email was sent. 
internal_session_id uniqueidentifier An internal id for this message sent
dte_time datetime When the message was sent.
agent_id int The id of the agent that sent the message
result varchar(8) Usually 'ok'
originating nvarchar(500) What was used as Sender/From in the sms/email message sent.
destination nvarchar(500) The phone number/email address the message was sent to
message nvarchar(max) The message sent
subject nvarchar(500) The Subject in the Email sent (NULL for SMS)
related_iq_session_id uniqueidentifier If the message was sent from the agent application’s Request tab (during a call), this field will have the related call's iq_sssion_id as value.
dte_updated datetime When the record was last updated


When an agent sends an SMS or an Email from the contact tab in the Puzzel Contact Centre agent application, this is not a contact centre “request” in queue, so there will be no initiation-, queue- or conversation events in the call_events table, but instead we can populate this sent_msg table with what's sent. If you want Puzzel to generate records to the new sent_msg table, please contact Puzzel support so that we can turn it on.

If a PCC agent chooses to start a Two-way SMS session and then send an SMS and possibly receive an answer, these messages are not resulting in records in table sent_msg, but instead such a Two-way SMS session results in a PCC request/session with call_events with type initiation (i), queue (q) and conversation (c) being created. The conversation event will have duration/speaktime for as long the agent has the request tab open, and the messages sent and received will be shown in the Content tab in the Media Archive for this request/session.



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