Table name: access_points (from db v2.3)

Contains/Role: Shows a list of all the access points for Phone and written requests (chat/email/SoMe), and their Descriptions.

Column Name Datatype Description
Accesspoint varchar Primary key. The access number (for Phone) or the Access point for Email/Chat/Social media.
In special cases the Accesspoint can be a range.
ServiceNo Int The Service number this Accesspoint belongs to
CountryCode Varchar The Country this Accesspoint belongs to
AliasNo Varchar If such an Alias exist, this will be shown as the Access point (Access number) in the statistics report Total overview.
Description nvarchar The description for the Accesspoint
FromNumber Varchar The same value as Accesspoint
ToNumber Varchar For an Accesspoint being a range, we show the highest value in the range here. 
For non-range values, we show the Accesspoint also here.
dte_updated Datetime When the record last was updated
deleted bit If the Accesspoint is deleted in PCC, the deleted bit is set.


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