Table name: surveys

Contains/Role: When surveys are made after a call (SMS Survey) or after a chat, and on other platforms, the survey results are stored here.

 See more details about different types of surveys here

Column Name Datatype Description


Primary key.
Internal, auto-numbered. A unique id for each record.


For internal use, for “connection” back to Puzzel’s internal system.
customer_key varchar (100) The customer key (number) for the “owner” of the survey
country_code varchar (10) Mostly for internal use. Indicates the country for the database (internally) where the survey record is fetched from. International standard for country codes is used (for example ‘NO’ for Norway, ‘SE’ for Sweden, and so on).
related_iq_session_id uniqueidentifier The internal_iq_session_id for the call (request) the survey results refers to. Primarily for internal use.


The call_id for the call (request) the survey results refers to.
survey_type varchar(10) Typical values appearing here for the legacy Surveys are SMS and CHAT.
Typical values appearing for the new Insight survey are Email, Phone and Web (and unknown). This might be changed in the future
sequence int A survey may consist of multiple steps, i.e. questions back and forth between the customer (caller) and “us”. Sequence indicates the order of them. Starting with value 1.
dte_time datetime When this survey record was sent/received.
destination nvarchar(500) To whom (i.e. the “address”) we asked for the survey. For SMS surveys this will be the phone number. For chat survey, we usually get the chatter’s name.
agent_id int The agent who was involved in the call which the survey is about.
queue_key nvarchar(100) The queue that was involved in the call which the survey is about.
fertile tinyint

Usually 0 or 1, but this field is no longer used in a structured way for the different surveys.
Insight survey records will usually have fertile = 0.

question nvarchar(MAX) The question sent to the caller/chatter/customer.
score nvarchar(100)

The score reported back from the caller/chatter/customer

max_score nvarchar(100) The maximum value possible to give as score.
min_score nvarchar(100) The defined minimum value for score.


The caller/chatter/customer might report back a text comment (in addition to the score). If so, it’s stored here.
dte_updated datetime A timestamp indicating when this record is stored/last updated in this database.
element_type* nvarchar(100) Customer Insight survey records might have one of these values:
ci_session_id* uniqueidentifier All records (sequence 1-N) for 1 Customer Insight Survey will have the same value here.
element_id* int The Insight Survey record representing a question and the record representing the answer have the same element_id

* Available from db v2.3


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