A message can be sent as an SMS and/or e-mail as long as you have access. Both are optional features that require separate setups. If you don’t have access to send either SMS or e-mail, the “Send message” button is hidden.

You still can send e-mails to contacts registered with an e-mail address by clicking on the addresses in a search result. This will open your default e-mail application and is not sent through Puzzel.

To send a message to a given number or e-mail address, you can click on the “Send message” button in the Contacts tab and enter the phone number and/or e-mail address, together with the message. You can also search for a contact and click on the belonging to “Send message” button.

If you have access to both send messages as SMS and e-mail, you can choose to send the message as one or both.

When in an incoming call, the “Send message” button will also appear in the calls request tab.


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