Creating or importing Case types

Case types are containers that defines a case, suggests actions, provides possible canned response templates, and details the outcomes or closures.

Creating a new case type

To create a new case type,

  1. Go to Configure -> Case types -> click on the case type icon
  2. Enter a suitable name for the case type and click Save. This opens the Edit Case type screen that facilitates you to package the actions, closures, forms and responses required to deal with the case.
  3. Tick Time to live to allow auto deletion of related conversations and enter the number of days after which the deletion must be completed.
  4. In the Action panels, select the action panels you wish to include with the case type. The selected ones will appear on the right. Click Save before you proceed to the next tab.
  5.  Select the closure/s that would be appropriate for the actions listed above and save it
  6.  Select the relevant canned responses to help the agent speed up the response time
  7. Save and press the back icon to go back to the main list and view the case type created.

To delete a case type, search by its name from the search bar or look up from the list and click on it to open. Press Delete in the Edit Case type screen and confirm your decision.


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