Puzzel Digital Engagement limitations

The following limitations provide a guide regarding estimates for a standard implementation project:

  • No system integrations are included.
  • In some cases Puzzel Live Share co-browsing has limitations in what are known as i-frames or “frame in frame solutions”. Puzzel can no longer support this as browser manufacturers no longer recommend site owner to allow i-frame traversals.
  • The standard version of Puzzel Digital Engagement supports traditional web calls, however, there might be limitations regarding event and Ajax-based changes on a webpage. If the customers web site does not fully support that all navigations are registered by the web browsers back and forward buttons, Puzzel Digital Engagement can still support this in most cases, however additional configuration and workarounds will be required.
  • Puzzel Digital Engagement rules and Live share based co-browsing functionality can normally adapt to and support customer needs without any need for additional configuration. Special adjustments might however be needed to ensure full functionality in case of customer web page/pages not being implemented according to web standards. Errors in HTML code, custom HTML tags and/or javascript on the web site might also affect functionality. Puzzel Digital Engagement and Live Share co-browsing can be adjusted to support this, however additional configuration might be required.


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