I am not seeing any actual data in adherence. Everyone else is...

This is most likely because your WFO profile is not updated with your correct Connect ID. All data collected for adherence comes from information collected by the Connect platform about your current client (phone)status, whether you are connected with a contact, available, paused or logged off.

To show this in adherence your WFO profile needs to be linked to your Connect ID, this is typically in the format: [CustomerID]_[Username]. This is called a data source ID. This needs to be entered in the appropriate data source ID field of the profile.


For example my companyhas a customer ID 10010, and my username is jsmith. My data source ID would then be "10010_jsmith".

If you experience problems viewing adherence data, or see data is not updating, raise this with your local administrator who will check your settings are correct, or the administrator will then raise a ticket with Intelecom Support.


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