Agents can do Enquiry Registration, but its optional. If you want to try to force your agents to do Enquiry Registration for each call/request, Forced Enquiry Registration can be configured for all or selected user groups.

If Enquiry Registration is not done during Wrap-up, the agent is, as usual, set to Ready when wrap-up ends, and then the agent might receive a new call. The pre-defined wrap-up should be quite long so that agents have time to do the registration before being set to Ready and a new call arrives!

After a call, an agent using, the agent can not close the call's request tab if a registration is not done, even if the call's wrap-up has ended.

The agent cannot close the request tab for a chat/email/social request unless a registration is done.

Its also possible to configure that the agent is automatically set to status Ready after an Enquiry Registration is done while in status Wrap-up. With this solution (property Enquiry Registration - Set ready after turned ON), the agent does not need to click Ready.

If you start using Forced Enquiry Registration, we recommend you create an Enquiry Registration Topic called e.g. Consult call or Other so that agents easily can register something after having answered a consult call.


11/06/2020 - 13:53

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