Salesforce - How it works together with your Puzzel solution

The integration between your Puzzel solution with Salesforce is simple. The Lookup in Salesforce is a string search.
In the Puzzel IVR you can set the code so that the customers add some sort of personal identification number. The exact sort is determined by you.

Puzzel engineers will then create a variable for this input value and then store that value inside a variable called sfdc_case_id.
This variable is sent to you, through a URL.

The sfdc_case_id must match to a parameter that you have added to your Softphone Layout.
Here is the link to where you can read up on how to design your own layout:
If the customers are asked to put in a 10 digit number in the IVR, the case must match to a 10 digit number on your side.
If the strings match, the contact card will pop up during incoming calls.
If the strings do not match, the contact card will fail to appear.


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