PCM Raw data tables

The tables in PCM Raw data can be categorised in these types

  • Basic (dynamic) tables
    • These are tables that can be regularly updated to accommodate the constantly changing data. They are dynamic in nature, meaning they can adapt to various data sizes without requiring a change in the table's initial structure. They cater to real-time data input, making them perfect for frequently changing datasets or information that undergoes routine updates.
  • Supporting (fixed) tables 
    • These tables have a predetermined structure and are designed to store static or rarely-changing data.  Supporting tables often provide foundational data or reference points that assist other tables or systems in their functionality.
  • Ticket related tables
    • These tables are specifically tailored to manage and store data related to tickets. They capture details like ticket ID, subject, status, assignment, priority, and resolution.

      Note: As tickets progress through their lifecycle from creation to closure, the dynamic tables log the changes and interactions, offering a comprehensive view of all ticket-related activities.


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