The intention of the Raw data detailed description is to give the customer a good understanding of what the data means so that the data can be used wisely.

Statistics vs Archive vs Raw data

In Puzzel Contact Centre there are several different statistical reports available in the Administration Portal. The smallest time period for statistics reports is 15 minutes, and reports are normally available 2 hours after each quarter’s end. Example: Reports for the time period 0900-0915 are available shortly after 11:15, and reports for day 1 are available shortly after 02:00 on day 2.

In the Administration Portal’s Archive, you can find details about each call (including recording), chat (including the written chat text) and email handled in Puzzel. The Archive gives a simplified view of each call’s/request’s “journey”, that is, menus, queues and agents involved.

For customers that need more details than what is available in Puzzel real-time, the Archive and in the historical statistics reports (standard and customised), we recommend Raw data.

Call and Agent detailed records - an overview

Puzzel establishes an SQL database for the customer. This database contains the Call and Agent Detailed Records (aka Raw data) for the customer’s Puzzel solution.

Records for calls/chats/emails requests (sessions) and agent activities (logon, pause, logoff) arrive in the database continuously, normally within a delay of 5-10 minutes after the session (activity) ended, but sometimes it takes a bit longer. and in rare cases up to 4 hours, ref Puzzel’s Service Level Agreement.

The database is located in Puzzel’s hosting environment and is operated by Puzzel, and the customer can access the database over a secure connection over Internet. The database is based on Microsoft SQL Server, which the customer is given read access to.  


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