Puzzel Contact Centre

Puzzel Contact Centre Solution is a flexible customer contact- and switchboard solution based on cloud technology. It is location independent, which means that agents have the freedom to log in from any location. All that is required is a phone line (PSTN, SIP or Mobile) and an Internet connection.

This user guide describes functionality for you as a Contact Center agent, but it is not a given that your solution includes all of the features. For example, you may not be able to make outbound calls, send SMS, search for contacts in certain sources, or record your calls.


Puzzel Contact Centre Solution contains a number of modules and one or more queues with requests from different channels like telephone, chat, e-mail, and social media. You can answer one or more simultaneous chat requests in addition to answering one and one request from the other channels.

Prioritization of requests

The queues in a Puzzel Contact Centre Solution can be given different priorities, and requests from the different channels can be prioritized against each other. This is defined in the administration interface by setting different SLA (Service Level Agreement) threshold values for the queues.

In addition, the solution allocates requests to the correct agent based on their skill and skill level, contained in the profile that you log on with.

User groups and profiles

Agents are usually grouped in different user groups, e.g. based on geography or role, and an agent can only belong to one user group. When logging on to the queues, you must choose a profile to log on with. The profiles are defined by which queues they contain, and which skill level you have on them. Agents in the same user group usually have the same group profiles, but can also have separate and personal profiles. The administrator of the solution can easily manage both group- and personal profiles in the administration interface.

When there are requests in queue and an agent becomes available, the Puzzel Contact Center Solution automatically allocates the request that has been waiting the longest time, relatively speaking (highest SLA-score). When more than one agent is available, the Puzzel Contact Center Solution automatically allocates the request to the “best” agent (which has the highest SLA-score on the queue), and if all available agents are equally skilled, it chooses the one with the longest time since last offered a request.

In addition to automatically allocating requests, profiles can be set up with “pick mode”, meaning that you can manually pick the requests from the queues, based on your own judgment and prioritization.


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