Busylight application Admin user guide

The Busylight device automatically synchronizes and visually displays the agent’s online status in Puzzel Agent Application by pulsing a light display. This will help the agents to politely and discreetly tell their co-workers that they need to focus on their work and avoid any interruptions.


This document describes how to install and configure Busylight application for synchronizing the agent status and displaying it on the Busylight device.


  • On and Off buttons to light up the Busylight or shut it down.
  • Different colour lights to indicate different agent status
  • Pulsing blue light when call is offered and turns red on receiving
  • Pulsing yellow light  when a message is received

Installing Busylight

The Busylight for Chrome App uses the Chrome HID interface to communicate with the Busylight Device. You need to store the entire contents of the Busylight App folder provided anywhere on your computer. The instructions for installing the app is as explained below:  

To install the App:

  1. In your chrome browser, navigate to chrome://extensions
  2. In the extensions window, activate the development mode (upper right corner as shown in the figure)
  3. Click Load unpacked
  4. Find and select the Busylight app folder you saved on your computer. You may not be able to see the content of the folder in the folder selector. Just select the folder and press OK. The app will be installed and can be seen in your browser.
The application id can be seen as shown in the figure. This will be used to access the Busylight application from Puzzel Application.
  1.  Open a new tab in chrome and click on Apps (left top corner). If you do not have an Apps button, navigate to chrome://apps/. Click on the Busylight Puzzel App
  2. Busylight Puzzel app opens up as shown. By default, it is set to ON. You can toggle to OFF if you do not wish to use the Busylight app
1.   The app has a JSON-formatted manifest file, named manifest.json, that provides important information. For more info visit https://developer.chrome.com/apps/manifest
2.  In case of problems with the chrome app or the Busylight, try to restart the app or remove it from extensions and add it again.

Busylight widget

A standard hidden widget is provided to trace events from the Puzzel Agent Application and send agent status to the Busylight Api in the chrome application.

In the Admin portal, Go to Widget -> Widget configuration. Select Busylight. Make the configuration as mentioned below and click on Save changes.

ExtensionId: This is the chrome app id for Busylight application that can be seen in step 4 in the previous section. Copy and paste the id here. The Chrome app generates a global ExtensionId that can be used for every instance of the app.

IsEnabled - Default true

Sound – By default this is set to false and is used for the Busylight alarm option

Url: This is where the widget URL for the App is being hosted

The Busylight widget can be opened from the Agent application by clicking on the + sign in the Home screen and clicking on Busylight.

The Busylight device will turn green to indicate that the agent is Ready (initial state of the agent) as soon as the agent logs in.

The Restart button in the widget will help the agent to restart the Busylight app if it was accidentally closed down. The Sound ON button will enable users to turn the sound on or off in the widget itself. These buttons are by default turned off in the widget configuration and hence may not be visible. To turn it on in the Puzzel admin portal, go to Widget -> Tab Configuration -> Busylight. Click on edit to open the Edit Widget window.

Set Default hide widget to off and save changes. Now you will be able to restart the busylight app and switch sound on/off from the Busylight widget.

The below table shows the events in Puzzel Agent Application and corresponding Busylight device status.

Events Busylight status
Agent status is active  Green
Agent status is pause  Yellow
Agent logs off Busylight shuts off
Agent receives a call   Blinks blue
Agent accepts call Red
Agent receives email Blinks yellow
Agent receives a SMS/social media message Blinks Yellow
Agent closes call   Green
Agent status in Puzzel Agent Application and the buttons in the Busylight application can change the colour of the Busylight device. Both actions can override each other to change the colour on the device.

For example: If the agent status is Ready, Busylight device shows green. If the agent opens the Busylight chrome app and press the Busy button, the light will immediately turn red.

When the agent signs off from the Puzzel Agent Application or the Busylight widget is closed, the light on the Busylight device turns off and the chrome app closes down.

The chrome extension can be downloaded here:


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