Puzzel Exchange Connector

This document provides information about the Puzzel Exchange Connector and how to install and configure it. The purpose of the connector is to subscribe to new mail events on mailboxes and public folders in Exchange Server 2010 and higher. Based on these events new mail will be generated that provide information necessary to queue them on the Puzzel platform. These new messages also provide information about how the messages should be accessed when they reach the Puzzel Agent client.

The Puzzel Exchange Connector uses the web services on the Exchange Client Access Server to be able to subscribe to events on the Exchange Mailbox store. The Client Access Server is the role that provides non-MAPI access to the Exchange Organization, through technologies such as Outlook Web Access, ActiveSynch, POP3, IMAP4 and the Exchange Web Services.

The Puzzel Exchange connector installation and setup procedures can be found in the articles listed below:

The Exchange Connector can be downloaded as an .msi file on here:


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