Integration to Puzzel Contact Center Solution

Puzzel offers various ways to integrate with our Contact Centre Solution. There are six main ways:

  • Web requests
  • Widget API
  • CRM popup
  • Puzzel Agent Web Services API
  • E-task case assignment
  • Dialler API

Web requests

a component named Xml Http Client is designed by Puzzel for retrieving XML or JSON data from, or post data to, a customer web service or -server. It is typically used in the Puzzel IVR (Interactive Voice Response) part of a solution to retrieve data from a CRM system based on input from the caller, or to populate a CRM system with information during or after a call has finished.

Widget API

This was designed with the following goals in mind: To hide the complexity of the Agent Application from the widgets; to present small and consistent interface to the widgets; and to maintain a stable interface for the widgets.

The Widget API is split in two major subsystems:

  • An event system used to broadcast various messages from the services to the widgets and for widget-to-widget communication
  • The interfaces, providing specific points of access to the services and the core functionality

CRM popup

This is used when you want to pop request information to the agent from your CRM system or other 3rd party software, without programming towards the Agent Application API. The 3rd party software/CRM must have a web front-end that you can call with a URL containing request parameters (HTTP GET). We may also use a web request to trigger a popup from the customer’s own CRM system towards the agents.

Puzzel Agent Web Services (PAWS) API

This offers a suite of methods to control or retrieve information from Puzzel, in the same way the Agent Application does. By using PAWS, you can integrate Agent Application functionality in other applications. PAWS offers methods for logging agents in and out, transferring calls, recording calls, getting a queue overview, etc. The methods may be called directly from a thick client at the agent’s desktop, from a web page, or from a customer’s server allowing for embedding functionality.

E-task case assignment via queue

This uses the same method to prioritise and distribute CRM cases to Puzzel agents, similar to the e-mail to queue function. When an agent is assigned to answer case or request, and it is accepted, a URL is activated. This URL does not have to point at an e-mail, it may be any type of information or media channel as long as we can pop a browser window with the URL to the information at the agent’s desktop, for example a case-assignment in a CRM system.

Dialler API

This can be used together with our Dialler solution. The Dialler calls each contact’s phone number in the Campaign’s list. A file with contacts can be uploaded via the Administration Portal interface when required (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc) or you/a system can put a file on Puzzel’s secure FTP server when you want (Puzzel will detect a new file and import it). When a new file is imported, you can select if this file’s content should REPLACE the existing Campaign list content or if the file’s content should be ADDED to variables from the IVR, as well as custom variables for your specific IVR solution, i.e. customer ID collected from the caller.


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