Activity Log

The Activity Log in Puzzel Case Management serves as a comprehensive record, reflecting a detailed chronicle of actions and modifications executed within the system. When a user is allocated the system role permission for the 'Activity Log,' they gain access to a specialised menu titled “Activity Log”. The logs facilitate monitoring and management to provide complete accountability for system changes made by specific users.

Accessing Activity Log


Users granted permission can find the Activity Log menu easily within their dashboard or main menu. Within this menu, users will find several options related to system configuration and user activities. The available options are:

  • Users
  • Teams
  • Permissions -> System Roles
  • Permissions -> Team Roles
  • Blacklist
  • Account Settings
  • New Ticket Rules
  • Event Rules
  • Templates
  • Channel

Using Activity Log

When accessing any of the activity log categories, the viewer will encounter the following information:

  • User: The specific user who performed the action.
  • Date/Time: The exact date and time when the action occurred.
  • Description: A comprehensive description detailing the action taken.

This structure ensures transparency and aids in monitoring and reviewing system and user-based activities effectively.


1. Users and Teams:

  • Purpose: Monitoring user and team-specific activities and modifications.
  • Usage: Ideal for tracking individual user actions and team-based changes.

2. Permissions:

  • System Roles & Team Roles:
    • Purpose: Records modifications and allocations of system and team roles.
    • Usage: Essential for managing role-based access and permissions within the system.

3. Blacklist:

  • Purpose: Logs every addition, removal, or modification within the blacklist entries.
  • Usage: Useful for reviewing and managing restricted entities and ensuring security compliance.

4. Account Settings:

  • Purpose: Captures changes made in the account configuration and settings.
  • Usage: Allows administrators to track alterations in account preferences and settings.

5. New Ticket Rules & Event Rules:

  • Purpose: Details the creation, modification, or deletion of ticket and event rules.
  • Usage: Offers insights into rule-based actions and alterations, aiding in system management.

6. Templates:

  • Purpose: Documents all actions related to template creation, modification, or deletion.
  • Usage: Aids in monitoring template utilisation and modifications.

7. Channel:

  • Purpose: Keeps a record of all changes made to the communication channels.
  • Usage: Enables tracking of channel-specific modifications and updates.

Accountability and Auditing

The Activity Log serves as a pivotal tool for maintaining system integrity and accountability, allowing administrators to hold users accountable for every action and change made within the system. It offers a reliable auditing trail that can be referred to when analysing system modifications, ensuring every change is well-documented and traceable to the corresponding user and the exact date and time.


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