Puzzel Express Connect SIP Trunk

Puzzel Express Connect SIP Trunk works with VoIP phone systems (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and is based on is based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) protocol: RFC 3261, RFC 2543. Puzzel Express Connect SIP Trunk enables a prolonged lifetime of previous investments in your Enterprise PBX solution and integrates the agents’ local client (desktop- or softphone) to the Puzzel Contact Centre Solution.

Priced for minimum 50 agents. One license is valid for a capacity of up to 5 concurrent voice channels.

For more details, download the product sheet here:

Multi Carrier Option

Puzzel offers an option where service numbers can be rerouted in case of problems. When a problem is detected with a provided access point to the Puzzel platform on your primary network carrier, it is automatically switched to an access point on a secondary carrier. This provides an automatic redundancy in the case of carrier outages. This redundancy works for both inbound and outbound requests, though via slightly different mechanisms. While the inbound mechanism is entirely automatic, the switch for outbound requests is set with a service variable by the customer (switching from Primary Call Routing to Secondary Call Routing).

The mechanism detects faults with a carrier and switches to a backup SIP-trunk from the service number provider into the Puzzel platform. This adds significant security against carrier outages. Please note however that we cannot guarantee complete security as in all possible cases there will necessarily still be a reliance on a service number provider.

This configuration has a reduced SLA level for availability and is set to 98%.

Telenor IPT Partner Connect

This connects Puzzel Contact Centre and enables necessary trunk capacity to the partner solution. The voice traffic to agents, other employees and service-platforms connected to the partner solution is routed directly to the Partner from Puzzel without any traffic fees. The voice traffic to external recipients are also routed to and handled by the Partner. Puzzels’ Partner, invoice the customers for external calls on existing Traffic Agreement unless otherwise agreed.

For more details, download the product sheet here:

This product is only available in Norway


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