Puzzel Case Management

Puzzel Case Management provides your business the ability to manage written interactions in a secure and efficient way.  Each e-mail, SMS or API generated message will automatically be converted into a support ticket and assigned a unique ticket ID. This is then filtered, categorized and distributed to the right team, agent or handled through automations. Impactful and effective email and SMS campaigns can also be created using Puzzel Case Management, these are linked to customer records providing 360 visibility.

Furthermore, using the report builder reports can be set up to provide the information needed at the frequency required. These reports can be configured to be automatically emailed directly to yourself and others in the organisation.

About Puzzel Case Management

Puzzel Case Management services can be availed as part of the Puzzel Contact Centre solution or as a standalone system. With Puzzel Case Management integrated into the Puzzel Agent Application, you will have case management capability within your contact centre solution.

With a standalone version, you will have a comprehensive set of all features including email channel, SMS channels and API channels.

You can download the complete user guide here:


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