WhatsApp is the most common communication channel used by people all around the world. Puzzel has integrated WhatsApp as a communication channel to enhance the customer service strategy which allows agents to respond to incoming messages[commonly known as session messages] as well as send pre approved[by WhatsApp/Facebook] message templates outside the 24 hr customer care window. The 24 hr time frame starts when the customer has reached out to your business through WhatsApp. The agent can then choose to respond to the message by either chatting directly to the customer or sending a message template. The messages sent outside of the 24hr window are charged on message delivery based on the customer’s phone number and country code.

1) Note that the 24 hour window resets each time the customer replies to your message.
2) The customer care window cannot be initiated by the business by messaging first.
3) All messages exchanged with the customer during the 24 hrs window are not charged by WhatsApp.
4) Message templates can be used during and after the 24hr customer care window.
5) Only message templates can be sent outside the 24hr customer care window.

Puzzel offers three subscription options you can choose from, to suit the requirements of your business. This mainly depends on the volume of messages or interactions you may handle within your enterprise.

  1. 10 messages per sec
  2. 20 messages per sec
  3. 40 messages per sec

More details on WhatsApp template fee rates can be found here.


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