Puzzel’s cloud-based contact centre solution is a highly flexible and scalable, a truly omni-channel experience, that manages Voice, Web Chat, Email, Social Media, Whatsapp and SMS interactions, all within the same application. All interactions regardless of the channel it is initiated from, will be routed through our skill based engine, so that the customer interaction is always handled by the best qualified agent.


Agents can respond to requests from different queues. Each channel can have one or more queues all blended into the Omni Channel experience by Puzzel. When a request arrives in the queue, the queue module distributes the request to the agent on a longest available/best qualified basis. If no agent is available, the customer is placed in a queue. Once an agent becomes available, the queue module connects the agent to the caller with the longest relative waiting time.

Each queue has a target SLA, and each request an SLA score which indicates its priority in the queue as a function of its wait time relative to its queue’s SLA. A queue consists of a media type, i.e Voice (telephone), and a skill, i.e. Sales or Support. Agents are assigned to queues based on what skill levels 1-9 are set in their profiles, i.e. an agent with Support skill of 9 will be available on all Support queues as a highly skilled agent.

If no agents are available when the request enters the queue, it will by default be answered once it has the highest SLA score in the queue by the first agent to become available. If several agents are ready and awaiting requests, calls are distributed on a first-in-first-out (FIFO) basis to the best (highest skilled) available agent, or – if all available agents are equally skilled – in order of what agents have been waiting the longest.

One major advantage of Puzzel platform queues is that they remove the requirement for 'stand-by lines' in the customer's PBX system. Moreover, customers waiting in a Puzzel queue can be matched with an agent at any location.


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