Puzzel in collaboration with PCI Pal enables your business to take secure keypad payments through phone. Agents can now process the credit/Debit card payments without seeing or hearing the sensitive card details, while still in conversation with the customer. This enables you to de-scope your contact centre from the PCI DSS regulations by keeping the sensitive card data outside of your environment.  

PCI phone payment platform captures the DTMF tone from the customer's phone and masks them, preventing the sensitive payment information from reaching the agent. When a phone payment is required, the agent initiates a session which reroutes the audio through secure PCI Pal platform. The card details entered by the customer is then intercepted by PCI Pal and processed through payment gateway.

By using this feature you are moving away from handling sensitive data in your contact centre environment, de-scoping from the requirements of PCI DSS, yet providing your customer the best service you possibly can.


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