How to create Microsoft Dynamics Logic Apps

Dynamics Logic App can be created to monitor any new occurrence of incidents or emails in Microsoft Dynamics and then trigger a workflow defined within it. You can design your workflow in the Logic Apps Designer for an email request to be sent to the relevant queue in the Puzzel Application so that it can be assigned to the right agent to be dealt with. Once the agent accepts the request, the email or incident will be opened in the Dynamics widget within the Agent application. 


In this document you will be able to create and deploy new Dynamics connector template to trigger a workflow when a new email arrives, or an incident is registered in Dynamics.


Prerequisites for creating Logic App for Dynamics connector are:

  • Azure subscription
  • Dynamics CRM

Create Microsoft Dynamics Logic App

To create Microsoft Dynamics Logic Apps, you need to:

  1. Click on the Hamburger sign on the top left corner and select Create a resource or select Create a resource icon in the Home page.
  2. Create a new resource template of type Template deployment (deploy using custom templates)
  3. Click on Create
  4. Select Build your own template in the editor to open the template editor
  5. Copy the content of the JSON file from the URL ““ and and paste it into the template. Save the changes to the template.
  6. Select an existing resource group or create a new one. Enter all the mandatory fields in this screen, agree to the terms and conditions and click on Purchase
    Parameter Value
    Dynamics App Id This can be found in the URL of your Dynamics application or in the Admin Portal of your Puzzel solution under Widget - >Widget configuration ->Microsoft Dynamics
    Dynamics Base URL This is the URL of the Dynamics domain. For example:
    Puzzel Customer key Customer number of your Puzzel solution
    Puzzel User Username to your Puzzel solution
    Puzzel Password Password to your Puzzel solution
    Puzzel Access Point Email id configured as Access point in Puzzel
    Widget URL This is the URL to the Dynamics Widget in Puzzel Application. For example:
  7. Select Resource groups icon from the Home screen choose your Resource group and click on dynamicscrmonline API connection
  8. Select Edit API connection from the left menu and click on Authorize. In the sign-in popup screen, login with Dynamics credentials and click Save
  9. Navigate to the Resource groups option and select the resource group you created. Click on the DynamicsConnectorEmails Logic App and Save it
  10. Return to DynamicsConnectorEmails Logic App screen and Enable it

To enable the DynamicsConnectorIncident Logic App, select DynamicsConnectorIncident in your resource folder and repeat step 9 and 10.


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