Call visualisation in Puzzel’s Archive

In this chapter we explain the most important differences between the detailed call information found in Raw Data and what you see in the Archive in Puzzel’s Admin Portal.

The Puzzel Archive gives a simplified illustration of the calls.

The user can search for a call (email or chat) and see a simplified graphical illustration of what happened and listen to recording(s) in this call (if any).

In the Archive’s call graph, we shown one «status» at a time for a call (=Call-id). A call goes through none or more Menus, none or more Queues and has none or more Conversation events and possibly a consult part (or more).


Conversation events

  • Conversation events that are answered are shown in Archive, but not the ones with result busy/no answer/timeout etc
  • Only speak-time for Conversation events are shown (not connecting and wrap-up time)
  • For outbound calls, callbacks and preview Dialler calls (‘ciq’ in Raw data) where the speaktime on the agent’s conversation event is a bit longer than the speaktime on the called number’s conversation event, we show speaktime experienced by the called number in Archive, which is shorter than the speaktime used in historical agent level reports.


Consult calls (not through queue)

  • For ordinary consult calls we generate 2 Raw data conversation events with partly overlapping speaktime. In Archive we show the consult part (the overlaping speaktime) as a separate Archive event, and we shorten the duration of the 2 overlapping conversation events in Archive accordingly (see illustration)


Consult call to queue

If agent1 starts a consult call to queue, this results in agent speaktime in the ongoing conversation event for agent1 at the same time as a new queue event for the time agent1 waits in queue for agent2 (on behalf of the caller).

Since we don't show overlapping events in Archive, these events will be shown after each other, which means that the sum of queue time and speaktime might be greater than the total call duration.


Callback in queue

  • For the time between the caller hung up after having ordered callback and the point in time the caller and the agent was joined, we generate and show a "Queue (callback)" event in Archive. The Raw data queue event ends when the caller left the queue to order callback.
  • In Archive we only show the time the agent and the caller were joined as Conversation time (see illustration)


Silent monitoring

  • Conversation events for Silent monitoring/Listen in calls (type ‘l’) are not shown, but the listener's number and ordering admin are listed as parameters under General information.



More details about the Archive can be found in the Admin Portal User Guide here


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