How to configure an account

When you have accessed the Puzzel application, you can view and/or configure your account information through the Account view. You will need to:

  1. Navigate to the top right hand corner of the homepage
  2. Click the Account icon
  3. Select View account from the drop down menu 

 You will then be redirected to the “Basic Information” section of your account. The following page will appear.

This page is split into the following two sections.

Basic Information

The Basic Information section allows users to view and/or edit key information linked to their account. This includes the following:

The “Basic Information” section allows users to users to view key information linked to their account. This includes the following:

  1. The user's first and last name: view and edit your registered first and last name

  2. The user's Puzzel ID: view and edit the Puzzel ID that is the username (in the form of an e-mail address) used to log in.  

  3. The user's email address.: view and edit the e-mail address registered which is the same as your Puzzel ID.

  4. The mobile number linked to the account: view and edit the mobile number linked to your account. This field will need to be updated by the administrator for two factor authentication via mobile. For more, please refer to this user guide

  5. External ID: view the identifier for the correct user if you are using SSO.

Click "Save" when you have edited the relevant fields.

Account Security

The Account Security section of your user profile enables users to configure a new password and set up two-factor authentication. 

To set up a new password, click "Update". 

To set up two factor authentication for your account, click "Setup".



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