Have an issue signing in?

  1. It might be time to reset your password

If you are trying to sign in unsuccessfully, it might be time to reset your password. This can be done quickly and easily from the Puzzel ID Sign in page, by clicking the “Forgotten password?” link. For a detailed overview of the instructions to reset your password, we recommend you take a look at this guide.

  1. Verify your Puzzel ID

One of the key steps to take when experiencing issues signing in, is ensuring:

  • There is a valid Puzzel ID linked to your account

  • The valid Puzzel ID linked to your account is the same one you are currently using to access your account

For any of the above, we recommend reaching out to your administrator.

  1. Single Sign-On error message?

If you see an error message similar to the one in the screenshot below, your administrator might need to configure relevant Single Sign On information on your account, such as your External Id.

To edit a user’s External Id, a system administrator will need to:

Access their account

Select the Profile icon tab

Go into Organisation Settings

Select User Management

Edit the External Id for the user

For more detailed information on how to use the User Management section, please refer to this user guide.

  1. Contact Support

In the case that none of the above steps have resolved your sign in issue, please submit a ticket to our friendly support team who will be able to assist you in troubleshooting this further!


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