Puzzel-Zendesk Integration

The Puzzel, Out of the box integration, with Zendesk allows agents to handle Puzzel calls within Zendesk, facilitating a single user interface for a seamless experience. Phone support from Puzzel is a powerful extension, as tickets are automatically created for every inbound/outbound call within Zendesk support. As a result agents can immediately start taking notes about the call and capture relevant information needed to solve the customer issue. In addition to this, agents are empowered to use the Puzzel voice features such as search for a contact using catalog search, transfer call to another agent or queue, and consult another agent during a call. Outbound calls from Puzzel can go through landline, mobile phone, or softphone.

Furthermore, agent status is automatically updated within Zendesk [can be changed manually too] to reflect their availability.

Puzzel-Zendesk integration also provides Queue, Team and Agent overviews to gain greater control over resource allocation.

Benefits of Puzzel-Zendesk integration include:

  •  Out of the box integration without any fussy configurations needed
  •  Increased first time resolution rates and customer experience
  •  Better grip over resource allocation
Please note that the Puzzel by helphouse.io app is available for free on Zendesk marketplace. However, you will need to have:
1)  Zendesk Talk License
2)  Puzzel account that can be used to login within Zendesk



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