Web requests

Xml Http Client, a component designed by Puzzel, is used when we want to retrieve data from, or post data to, a customers web service or -server during a call.

Xml Http Client contains the following features:

  • Data can be retrieved using either GET or POST http methods
  • Secure connection using HTTPS and/or basic authentication
  • Converting data both to and from server using Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)
  • Web services (SOAP/XML-RPC and REST/JSON) is supported

  1.  Our application uses Xml Http Client to fetch data from, or post data to, the external application. The returned data (must be XML) is converted to fit the phone application.
  2. The internet represents a critical factor in how successful a web request can be. Traffic congestion on the internet will cause web requests to take longer to return to the Xml Http Client.
  3. The customers firewall must be configured to allow web requests from the Puzzel platform to be sent to their HTTP server. The web application must provide support for the GET or POST methods. The GET and POST methods are standards defined in RFC 2616. The web application may respond by sending data back. This data must always be in XML format.


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