Email Campaigns

Send bulk or mass outbound e-mails to a list of recipients list. To create, view, edit an Email Campaign select the Email option under the Campaigns tab from the menu bar.

You will only see the Campaigns tab if your User has access permissions under your System Role.

The Campaigns page will show the list of Campaigns you have access to. These are split into Campaigns you have created and Campaigns created by other Users that you can view and edit.

Creating or editing a campaign

To create a new campaign click on the new campaign icon or on edit campaignicon to edit the saved campaigns.

Note that you cannot edit the launched campaigns. However, you are allowed to duplicate it if required and relaunch it with same or different criteria.
  • Enter the name of the campaign and select the Email Channel you wish to send the mails from.
  • Select Recipients list from the drop down, this Campaign should be sent to. Read Recipients list for more information how to add recipients to the list.
  • Enter the subject line for the campaign. Placeholders can be used with the Subject line to include Customer-specific information such as their Name.
  • Set the delivery options to either manual delivery or to be sent at a set date and time.
  • Set the rate at which the campaign messages should be delivered. By default, this is set to 1,800 per minute. You may want to reduce this to have a better control over the rate of responses you receive.
  • Enter the campaign content. This can be done in two ways.
    • Upload via HTML template by selecting the file using the Browse button
    • Enter the content directly in the text editor. Select the Code View option in the text toolbar to edit the content using HTML code.
  • Save and Preview the campaign to see how it looks for each recipient by pressing the Preview tab at the top. Any Placeholders will load for the select Recipient from the drop-down.
  • Launch the campaign by clicking on the launch icon icon against the campaign in the list.

After the Campaign has been launched, a delivery report is made available which shows whether the campaign was Delivered, Bounced or Failed for each recipient as well as the number of Read and Click receipts. To see the delivery status click on the delivery status iconicon against the completed campaign.

The search bar at the top of the Deliveries panel allows you to search for a specific recipient.

You can also duplicate an existing campaign by clicking on the duplicate icon  if you wish to relaunch it with similar criteria or change it according to your requirement.To delete a campaign click on the delete icon against the campaign name.

Email size limit

Inbound: 35MB

Puzzel Ticketing has an Inbound Email limit of 35MB. This means any Email over 35MB will not be received into Puzzel Ticketing. The size of the Email includes the message and the attachments with it.

Outbound: Unlimited

There is no Outbound limit in Puzzel Ticketing. You can send an Email of any Size from Puzzel Ticketing. However, we cannot guarantee Emails of significant size will be received at the recipient end as most Email providers have an Inbound Email limit similar to Puzzel Ticketing.

These limits typically range from 20MB – 35MB, so we recommend ensuring your Emails and any Attachments are kept below 30MB.

Ensuring proper delivery of Emails

When using your own email address for an Email Ticket Channel, we send out all email responses as if they were from your company email address. Whilst we have taken every step we can to ensure successful delivery of your email, it is possible that your customer’s email server (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) might mark the replies you send through Puzzel Ticketing as spam. The reason for this is that we are sending emails on your behalf and you have not yet authorised us to do so.

To ensure that your emails get delivered correctly you should create an SPF record on your DNS Zone file – your IT department or web hosting company will be able to complete this task for you.

Adding our SPF record to your DNS:

  • Log in to the control panel for your domain or mail server
  • Open your DNS configuration settings and edit your zone file
  • If you have no current SPF record:
    • Add the following as a .TXT record: v=spf1 ~all
  • If you already have an SPF record:
    • Include our SPF value at the beginning of your current record v=spf1 ~all
  • Save your changes

If you set up Ticket Channels for more than one domain, e.g. and, you will need to add our SPF record for each domain.

We cannot provide specific instructions for each email server, but some specific instructions for some are here:

If you’re using an Anti-Virus or Anti-Spoofing tool:

If you use email protection tools, such as Mimecast, be sure to include a Bypass Policy for Puzzel domain.

Third-party protection tools can interfere with our SPF record in your DNS domain and will require an additional Virus or Spoofing Bypass policy to allow our domain, and ensure Puzzel Ticketing can still send your emails without error.


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