What is Puzzel ID?

At Puzzel we are committed to continuously improving customer experiences across the board. Puzzel ID is one of Puzzel's most recent developments, offering a powerful new sign in across all Puzzel applications – for an even more enjoyable day-to-day with the Puzzel platform.  

While we will be introducing new developments and changes as they are rolled out, in the meantime we would like to take some time to provide context on what Puzzel ID is, where it is located and invite administrators to take steps in ensuring the correct set up for their agent users. 

What are the benefits of Puzzel ID? 

Puzzel ID is part of an evolving Puzzel platform and will not come at an extra cost for our customers. Its several benefits include: 

  • One login across all Puzzel applications. The login becomes even simpler as it will no longer contain a Customer ID. Instead, users will need a specified email address, known as Puzzel ID, and a password. 

Users will be able to access all Puzzel products with ONE login. Jumping from one Puzzel product to the next will be done in a matter of seconds and with minimum clicks for a smoother, more convenient experience.  

  • Keeping the highest level of user’s data security 

As we continue to draw from industry standards and best practices to address evolving security requirements. 

  • Facilitating identity provisioning and user management 

Organisations will be able to automatically synchronise their current organisational users and groups directory with Puzzel ID.  

  • Aligns with our vision for the platform 

This change enables us to develop the platform even more in the coming years, with a focus on improving user experience.  

What will my Puzzel ID be? 

Puzzel Contact Centre users currently sign into the platform using the Customer Number, Username and Password. In the future, Customer Number and Username will be substituted by Puzzel ID – which will be the email address associated with the user in the Admin Portal. 

How do I prepare for Puzzel ID sign in?  

When accessing the Puzzel Admin Portal, select Users on the main menu to the left and then again Users.  

The table listing the Contact Centre’s users now has an additional column, titled “Puzzel ID”. This field can be edited when clicking on the user. 

Are there any actions that Puzzel Contact Centre users need to take? 

We would like to invite Puzzel Contact Centre Admin Portal users to review the Puzzel ID fields set. This field will be populated by default with the registered email address.  

Administrators can edit the Puzzel IDs for their users by following the steps below: 

  • Sign into the Admin Portal 
  • Select Users from the main navigation 
  • Click on Users from the menu  
  • Select the name of the user 
  • Edit the Email address field to reflect the email you want to use AND tick the "Puzzel ID equals to Email" box
  • OR alternatively if the user's email will be different to the Puzzel ID used for the account, edit the Puzzel ID field directly 
  • Click Save User 

Taking these steps will help prevent future sign in issues and ensure a smooth transition into a new system use.  

In addition to the above, it is suggested that Admin Portal users review the configurations for wallboard, API and chat bot users. 

Administrators are invited to change the user type from Person to API/Wallboard/Chat bot in the Admin Portal, following the same instructions as listed above for editing the Puzzel ID field.  



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