When a customer calls the Puzzel platform, the IVR can ask the caller for any information and in turn use that information for a search in 3rd party systems. The platform can then send a request to the company's web service or web server in one of two ways:

  • HTTP(S) GET: Parameters sent in the URL
  • HTTP POST: Parameters passed via XML-formatted POSTs

Both of these methods result in Puzzel's platform receiving an XML document containing the requested information from the company.

This information can in turn adjust how the call is treated within the IVR. A practical example of this ability could be to take some basic customer details, such as a customer number, use an external lookup to find that customer's current balance with the organisation, and then read that balance back to the customer for self-service purposes. The information can also be used by the IVR to appropriately direct the call, and/or it can be sent to the agent to provide them with contextual information for the call.

The connections used for this service are secured with HTTPS and/or Basic Authentication.


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