API access provides a gate way to almost all agent functionalities in the Agent Application, enabling organisations to integrate its functions into their CRM and software solutions. This service allows the business to develop its own applications using the Puzzel platform.

Key features of the Agent Application can be integrated into the organisation's solutions, CRM systems, Helpdesk applications, mobile, and ERP applications. This can be done by adding Agent Application features behind the buttons and menus of non-Puzzel systems, so that the agent does not need to switch between different interfaces to perform their most common tasks.

Puzzel provides access by setting up the solution, after which API access is available via a set of REST-operations. Puzzel also provides access to required online documentation, making it easy to configure any setting. Nevertheless, it is necessary that you have some knowledge of REST/JSON and the program/app in order to do the integration. Puzzel can also help with the integration process.

For more information on Puzzel API's please refer to API documentation section.


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