Puzzel Workforce Management

Puzzel WFM is our cloud based Workforce Management solution that enables Contact Centre managers to accurately forecast and schedule staff requirements so that rightly skilled agents are available to serve the customers at the right time. While customer service is paramount for any business to grow, managing your staff is equally important to deliver best-in-class experience for customers.

From streamlining the processes involved with agent's performance[real-time adherence], to accurately forecasting and scheduling and improving the ability to make leave requests, Puzzel WFM comes bundles all in one intuitive, easy to understand solution that is great for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Some key features of WFM:

  • Accurate Forecasting: You can forecast on auto captured historical trends direct from your contact centre.
  • Optimised Scheduling: You can Schedule your agents to be in the best place possible to achieve the highest service level for your customers.
  • Real-Time Adherence (RTA): You can gain immediate insight into agent performance to support real-time decision making.

Securely hosted within an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure makes the upgrades, security-patching and version control seamlessly optimised.

For more information on Puzzel WFM, please refer to this article.


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