Puzzel web chat is an easy to set up solution, where customers are simply required to add a code snippet to their webpages, they wish the chat service to appear. All web chat settings are configurable within the Admin Portal, including positioning, languages and themes. This ‘low-code’ approach enables contact centres to be more agile and proactive by removing the need for costly and often time-consuming IT support.

Chat allows agents to respond to web chat enquiries through the Agent Application. Agents can respond to up to eight chat enquiries simultaneously, configurable in the Administration Portal.

One of the most exciting features is the ability to create parent and child configurations, allowing companies to create unique web chats for different sections of their website.

Chat enables the following functionality:

  • Send predefined messages and emoticons
  • Page tracker
  • Survey
  • Check spelling
  • Transfer the chat to another agent or a queue
  • Invite colleagues to join in on the chat
  • Send hidden messages to another agent

The chat session can be saved in the media archive for future review, and the dialogue can be sent by e-mail to the customer.

Organisations with Chat processed through the Agent Application can enable the Media Archive in Admin portal, where users can see a graphical view of the chat history. This displays how long the chatter waited in the queue, which agents responded to the chat, and how long the conversation carried on for. Users can look up chats based on criteria such as agent name, time of the chat, or the queue the chat came in through.

Puzzel also integrates the chat bot solution through a hub that consists of several ready-built connectors for some popular bot frameworks in addition to an API that allows customers to connect generic bot frameworks. One of the main features of the Bot Gateway is the ability to seamlessly handover chatbot conversations to human agents. Chatbots are made accessible through the standard chat interface from Puzzel or using the chat API. For more details on Bot gateway read the module description here.

For more information on Puzzel chat solutions, read: Puzzel Chat Configuration.

For more details on Web chat solution, download the product sheet here:


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