This feature enables agents to respond to SMS enquiries, queued and distributed to them alongside enquiries from other channels. The admin can configure the SMS source within the Admin portal which allows the agents to receive and respond to SMS queries from within the Agent application through the social media widget. Once the interaction has been initiated by the customer, this feature uses Puzzel’s conversational platform for subsequent communication, similar to a web chat. However, the user will still receive the response in the form of an SMS.

Send SMS from Puzzel [SMS Gateway]

Puzzel’s SMS Gateway is an interface for sending and receiving text messages over the Internet. This means that your company can integrate SMS solutions with your own systems easily using an SMS Gateway. Puzzel directly integrates with carriers and with several channels for distributing text messages to recipients all over the World.
Puzzel’s SMS Gateway enables you to send and receive SMS via different protocols:

  •  SOAP
  •  REST / HTTP(S) POST with JSON, XML or form data
  •  HTTP(S) GET
  • SMTP (e-mail)
  • SMPP
  • TCP Socket / XML

Most of these interfaces allow you to send one or more messages simultaneously with different recipients, content and prices.

Official API documentation for Puzzel SMS Gateway:

Download product sheet for SMS channel here:


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