Part 2: Evolution of the Contact Centre study raises important questions for contact centres

The first wave of this in-depth research initiative lifted the lid on how contact centres were responding to the pandemic and uncovered a number of important trends that will influence the future.
As we go to press with this second report, the new year just weeks away, and protecting staff is still very much top of mind. At the same time there has been a renewed focus on strategic business planning, and our research sheds light on how leaders are working to create the best outcomes for both their people and their organisation.
In partnership with the CCMA, this is a report comprised of two halves. As our research reveals, contact centre leaders up and down the nation are busy ensuring near-term operational success in light of sustained increased demand. They are also working against longer-term goals: building skills and career opportunities for their teams, and strengthening the role of their contact centres play within their businesses by forging closer links with other functions and acting as the voice of the customer within their organisation.
This report has been designed to inform your own thinking as you plan for the short and the long term.


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