Securing your Contact Centre

Security threats have escalated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many organisations were not prepared for remote working when lockdowns were announced in 2020 and had to implement quick-fix solutions to enable their staff to work from home. This has led to a rise in cyber crime and data breaches, which can have severe consequences for companies, employees and customers.

Contact centres are prime targets for cyber criminals due to the high volume of customer data that is transacted every day. So how you can boost security, maintain data protection and safeguard your employees from fraud during these exceptional times?

This white paper will explain the different types of data that a contact centre typically manages and how these can be protected. It will also explain the importance of access management and the data protection measures that Puzzel has implemented to comply with GDPR. Finally, it will share three basic security measures that contact centres can implement right now to reduce their vulnerability to fraud.



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