First call resolution / repeat callers?

First call resolution can be defined as “Resolve the customer problems, questions or needs the first time they call, with no follow-up required”. Can you see this by looking at Raw data records only? How does the agent know that a “case” is closed when the call ends? Are you sure the customer will not call back later? Can Enquiry registration be used? E.g. let agent click “New case – closed now”, “New case – needs follow up”, Existing case – re-opened”…? Or is this information available in your CRM system where you log calls and link it to case? Or maybe the scores and comments in SMS Survey after a call (and chat survey after a chat) give some indications?

What about “repeat callers”?

You can look for calls from the same phone number that are answered on the same queue, but please note that there are some challenges with this approach:

  • One person might call from different phone numbers (mobile, work, home)
  • Is a new call about an existing “case” or is it a new “case”?
  • What time period should you use? 1 week? If a call from a person was answered on Friday, how do you know if this person will call back (about the same case) next week?


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