Several ways to enter and exit a queue

One incoming call may go through none, one or several queues. The number of calls offered to a queue is seldom equal to the number of answered calls plus the number of hang-ups in queue.


Each queue exit has a separate result_code used in the queue event, and most of the queue exits/result codes have their own column in the statistics report Details per queue.  

Fallback exit and “stand-alone”

When an incoming call arrives in a Traffic Module (TM) in the Puzzel platform, the TM asks the Puzzel databases which agent that should get the call, and then the TM calls the agent. If a TM cannot reach the Puzzel db, the TM enters ‘stand-alone’ mode. When in stand-alone, the TM chooses the Queue’s Fallback exit if this is defined. If no Fallback is defined, the TM selects one of the agents that has answered a call lately (without knowing if this agent now is logged on). This may result in calls to agents that are in status pause or logged off, and these calls may be answered or not.

If Puzzel, on behalf of a caller in queue, calls to an agent that is “drawn” from the cached phone numbers of agents that recently answered, this results in a conversation event (as usual), and in a record in call_event_extras with from_cache = 1.


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